high-priestessThe lady in the picture is High Priestess. As Coinstar agent we look at this card we see her sitting in a throne with authority. She holds a Holy book in her lap, Crown on her head and crescent on her feet. There is a decorated curtain behind her. We can see 2 pillars on the sides a black and White pillar. A person of High priestess is very intelligent and intellectual, they keep the secrets and also have ability to reveal these if the need be. There is the balance in every aspect of their personalities. The great stream of consciousness flows through the energies emanated by her. She is here for your help, she will guide you by giving you knowledge with her intellect. For Chef she is a cook book, for student she is the guide book, For businessmen she is the various projects and their consequences, for a Fool she will provide the knowledge for him to make the decision.

If you meet a High priestess in your life, ask her for Guidance so that she can provide you some light in the darkness but then you need to make the decision yourselves.

God Bless You .
Ranie The Queen

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