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Manmohan S

I was not expecting such an accurate reading but she surprised me as her reading was so accurate.

Ranie is so warm, lovely and happy to explain the reading in details. I was feeling a bit lost but after I saw her and had the reading, I felt so much better and most importantly happier.

Highly recommend.


Manmohan S Sydney Australia December 22, 2015

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Thank you so much for the reading. I had no expectations but readings were very accurate. Amazed that you read me so well, Thanks Again.

Taran MP India December 11, 2015

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B Sheryl

Ranie’s tarot reading was an experience of clarity and insight. The cards and reading gave useful  images to match the words and concepts.

She brings a wealth of skills to the table.I found the reading to be both  uplifting and perceptive.

B Sheryl Ontario Canada December 11, 2015

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David S

Words are hard to find to explain the depth and wisdom of Ranie's readings.   I trust her completely.  Her integrity and ability to assist me in the way that was right for me is unparalleled by anyone I have seen with the ability to assist people this way.

December 11, 2015

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Ranie Bhalla is highly recommended to anyone who is even slightly curious about gaining inner insight. She was down to earth, honest and real. Everything Ranie told me about myself and my present situations were dead on and so incredibly helpful to gain perspective. I cannot say enough about her and the experience. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with her, you will be happy you did. So worth it.  Ranie doesn't sugar coat anything so be prepared to come to terms with the good and the bad during your time with her. Amazing experience!

Aman Sydney Australia December 22, 2015

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